About Me

Hey! I’m Ally and this is a look into my crazy beautiful life!


 My husband and I are 25 years old and we live in the small town of Bowdon, Georgia. Our accents and design styles are by-products of our southern roots. Our story is similar to other all-American kids. He was the quarterback of his football team and I was a majorette. We met at 16 and married at 19. He served in the Army and I followed him to Washington State. Our story changes a bit when he deployed to Afghanistan and I picked up a new hobby to pass the time. I started re-doing my parent’s house room by room. I wanted to DIY absolutely everything and my parents completely supported my wild dreams. They even purchased all of the power tools I wanted!  After building my first piece I was hooked! Following his tour, we moved back to my hometown and I opened my business, Pin it! Gifts & Events. We love re-vamping old things and giving them a new life. Together, we have taken on our biggest project yet, an entire Farmhouse! We cannot wait to share this adventure with you!

Be a blessing today!